Round Trip Quilts, Stop 4

Mary's Round Trip Quilt

I just finished up my addition for Mary from See Mary Quilt.  We are now over halfway through on the Round Trip Quilts, stop 4.

Well that went amazing and was super easy. A little late, but it will be in the mail ASAP. #roundtripquilts

This was Mary’s original center.

Chelsea from Patch the Giraffe was next, and added these awesome arrows to the quilt.

Christina from WiPs and Tuts went absolutely crazy and made what probably felt like a million tiny log cabins.

Kim from Ties that Bind Quilting added some needed breathing room while keeping the rainbow theme.

Then it was my turn… I started making half square triangles.

And kept making more half square triangles.

And more.

Until I was done.  Then I sewed, and sewed, and sewed, and ended up with this awesome herringbone border.

This project has made me want to make a medallion quilt, and to not want to mail this on.  It can stay with me, right?


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15 Replies to “Round Trip Quilts, Stop 4”

  1. omg looks amazing! i hate hst so you are much braver and much more patient than i am as well! i’m going to be so sad when this is over, and think we need to have a second go at it! you in? 🙂

  2. Loving the rainbow theme! Your herringbone border is a good addition. Quilts like this make me want to do a medallion quilt as well. I would like a talented paper piecer to make my center square though. lol. ;P

  3. Heather this is an amazing addition!!!! I want to try and steal it from Mary too…. 😀 At times I’ve regretted not joining in on this, but not today. It would be so painful to have to put this back in a box and bring to the post office!!!!

  4. Very inspired border – suits this quilt perfectly! You must have a deep stash to have so many of just the right shades. Well done!

  5. Wow! When I saw the quilt you received, I thought there was no way, no way to add anything else – it was just so beautiful already. I kept reading . . . and you did what I thought was impossible!! Really, the talent displayed in this quilt is simply amazing. Bravo

  6. I wouldn’t want to part with it either, so your secret is safe with me. Warning: There’s always a tattler in the bunch, so I guess you better ship it on after all.

  7. I am finding the same thing. The medallion and group quilts, which I am enjoying so much, are making me want to make my own to work on slowly and keep.
    I love this one, and I love how it shares some traits with Serena’s rainbow medallion (rainbow on black/white/grey background) while being beautifully unique. What a clever group you are!

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