Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Daisy Chain Finished!

I am pleased to welcome you to my baby quilt entry for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival! This quilt is another oldie but goody… I started it in Afghanistan in March 2011 or so, and was pieced using my Featherweight (you can see it in the bottom right corner in the photo below). This design is “Daisy Chain” from “Jelly Roll Quilts” by Pam & Nicky Lintott. This is the throw size, sans border.  I think the fabric was Lily and Will – the pink version.

Daisy Chain

I longarm quilted it this summer.  You too can have me finish up long overdue WiPs as part of Quilts Actually.

Daisy Chain

The binding and backing is by now looking familiar if you see my work.  When I started quilting I bought this brown fabric as backing formy first quilt.  I bought way too much and it has been used in two quilt backs, and three bindings so far.  I say so far because there is more fabric left.  Luckily it works with a wide variety of my quilts!  The back is mostly flannel – the pink houndstooth you see below.

Daisy Chain

This was once again finished during camper quilting.  My featherweight and I can do great things together while my husband watches the baby.  It is quilted with a light pink thread in a heart panto design.

Daisy Chain

The colors are most accurate in this rolled up shot – it is such a sweet baby quilt.

Daisy Chain

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Pandora’s Box is finally finished!

Sometimes my WiPs get out of hand… as in taking years to finish a simple baby quilt.

I began this quilt top in Afghanistan in December of 2010.  It’s been awhile!  The design is “Pandora’s Box” from “Jelly Roll Quilts” by Pam & Nicky Lintott.  My version is half size and I left off the border.

Finished Pandora's Box

I quilted this in mid-July 2013.

I put the binding on this weekend.  As in late August 2013.  Thank goodness for camper quilting.  My featherweight and I are going to put an end to my stack of unfinished quilts.  Or at least that’s the plan.

Finished Pandora's Box

The quilting is an allover square design to keep the quilt boyish.  

Blue and Brown on longarm 2

The backing is a brown flannel with blue and white polkadots.  The resulting quilt has a nice weight to it, but still moves easily and isn’t too stiff.  

Finished Pandora's Box

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Craft Book Month

Starry Log Cabin

I am beginning my next attempt at scrappy.  I chose to go with a log cabin quilt using tans, browns and reds from Maison de Garance of French General.  The design is “Log Cabin Hidden Stars” from “Jelly Roll Quilts.”
Chain Piecing in progress
I admit I still can’t give up complete control.  I admit that I had the entire quilt laid out on my design wall to ensure that clashing and duplication was kept to a minimum.  This is the first time I’ve ever had a design wall.  I bought a vinyl one and attached it to the wall with magnets.  (I live in a metal container, thus why magnets work on the walls) I got it because I don’t have a horizontal surface to lay things on, and now I think I need one of these at home.  It is so amazing to hang stuff up on it and step back to see how it all looks together. 

I absolutely love how this quilt turned out.  I almost don’t want to start another quilt, because it will mean that I will have to take this one off the design wall.  Having this on my wall makes my tiny trailer a home. 
Completed Quilt

This pattern was once again well written, and easy to follow.  The plain log cabin inside of each block goes very quickly.  The star section bogged me down, but part of that was due to my insistence on planning out all the fabrics.  If I had continued to chain piece and done less planning, it would have gone much faster.  This quilt ends up being 60”x60”.  Mine is not quite that large because I don’t have the outside border on it yet.  I think it will be a great size to curl up with on the couch. 

Broadening my horizon with Jelly Rolls

Jelly Rolls.  I have always admired these small bundles of fabric set in small stack around the local quilt shop.  However, they have also always scared me. 
I am a control freak when it comes to colors, patterns and textures.  That’s why I have issues with the scrappy look.  I admire scrappy looks created by others, but have difficult letting go to accomplish it myself. 

My first quilts have all been very carefully planned and executed.  The idea of letting go of that control is scary!  What if I don’t like one of the strips?  What if I need one more strip than came with the roll? 
Then, I deployed to Afghanistan.  My regular stash is on a bookshelf in the US.  I needed a new way to sew that required minimal cutting because my big, beautiful self-healing mat is also in the US.  That is when I discovered jelly rolls – the pre-coordinated, pre-cuts that I now adore.  They force me to leave my tightly controlled comfort zone.  They force me to attempt the scrappy look, to give up control. 
I admit my first effort was a blue and brown baby blanket, so I didn’t go too far out of my comfort zone.  It’s a start though.  This is my first little push in a new color direction.  The fabric is the blue version of Lilly and Will. 

This quilt is “Pandora’s Box” from “Jelly Roll Quilts.”  I only made it half size because I wanted to use it as a baby blanket.  It assembles super fast, and is a quick and easy project that would look good in a wide variety of fabric choices.  The directions were very easy to follow, and even included instructions on which direction to press the seams.  Little things like that make this quilt a no-brainer to piece.  I would recommend this as a good beginner quilt pattern.