Round Trip Quilts, Stop #3

I am part of a round robin group made up of quilters from the Plum and June New Blogger Hop last summer.  We are on our 3rd round of this round robin, and I’m having a lot of fun and being challenged to continue to come up with something good enough for each of these amazing quilts!

Paper Pieced Stars

This round I have the center from Chelsea at Patch the Giraffe.  She started us off with four paper pieced stars from solids and a low volume background.  She didn’t specify how the additions had to be made, just requested that they be solids with low volume backgrounds.  Her original center can be found here.  

Round Trip Quilts - Chelsea's Quilt, Round 1

Next, it went to Christina (WiPs and Tuts) who added the two side borders.

Round Trip Quilts - Chelsea's Quilt, Round 2

Kim from Ties that Bind Quilting added the row along the bottom, or rather the top now that I notice Chelsea’s original orientation.

Then it was my turn…  You can tell I was working late on this and how dark and stormy it was so far in January by my complete and total inability to get good in-process photos.

First, I pulled my solids and realized I needed to buy more because I had used up my stash.  I like using solids, but don’t have a huge stash of them, but was still surprised by how little I had.

Patch the Giraffe, Round Trip, Stop 3

Luckily these are colors that I personally enjoy, so I had no problem adding a few to the stash.

Paper Piecing flying geese

I used the “Goosing Borders” pattern from Jeli Quilts on Craftsy.  I printed out 3 pages, which is 6 sections and got started!  Once each section was done, I alternated them to create the wave you see below.

Patch the Giraffe, Round Trip, Stop 3

Chelsea, I hope you like it because I love how your quilt is turning out!  I enjoyed getting to work in this color palette, and if you decide you don’t want this – I will totally take it off your hands for you!

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  1. I think you addition to Chelsea’s quilt works really well. I especially liked how you alternated the pattern to make the wave!

  2. Like you, I have very few solids in my collection. I would definitely have to go shopping if this came my way.
    I love the wavy geese. Rebecca at One Wee Bird made a similar(ish) wavy geese border on Serena’s Possum Magic quilt, and I love how she called it ‘dazed and confused geese’.

  3. Pretty sure I’m going to have to go shopping for this one too. I love the wave of geese you added. It’s looking so beautiful!

  4. Beautiful addition! Your really kept with the feeling of Chelsea’s quilt, and added some awesome movement. Love this!

  5. This is gorgeous! Love how it all comes together!

  6. The colors, the blocks, that border and in solids! Love it!

  7. Lucky Chelsea! Her quilt is going to be fantastic and have a wonderful story when it’s done

  8. Lovely stars, they look so delicate.

  9. When I saw the thumbnail of those paper-pieced stars, I knew right away that it was Chelsea’s handwork! I *adore* the border you added. If it’s something you’ve sewn before, please point me to that other project.

  10. I like the wavy effect you created. Well done


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