Back home

And I’m back!!  I have to admit that the first month back, I was in a total lazy mode.  I am working my way back into regular life and back into creativity and sewing.  Part of the challenge is that it’s no longer just me… I also have a little puppy to keep me busy. 

Meet Tessa!
To ease back into it, I’ve decided to make some placemats.  Normally, I’m a tablecloth girl.  However, tablecloths fall to eye level for the puppy, so they are now safely out of reach until she gets a little older.  I’m using the “Lines in the Sand” placemat tutorial from “Handmade by Alissa”
This was a great way to break back in to sewing… it hits up fabric selection, piecing, quilting, and binding.  I used four different techniques on the four placemats.  And, because I bought too much fabric, I still have enough to make six more.  The first four are birthday presents for my mom, and the next six will be for me J