March Bee Blocks and BoMs

It’s the end of March, and I finished my March Bee Block and BoMs!

First up is the block for Stash bee, hive #12.  Jennifer requested the Arizona block from the We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler at Sewn by Leila.  She wanted orange and turquoise, so I hope she likes this block 🙂  I think I am going to have to make another one of these in my colors!

Arizona quilt block
Up next, I am still working my way through the 2013 Lucky Stars BoM.  Below is the March 2013 block.  I had the absolute worst time with this block.  I don’t blame the instructions, it was completely me.  It seemed every piece of fabric I could cut wrong, I did.  Or sew on backwards.  Or run out of the fabric less than halfway through the block.  
Let’s just say I was very happy when this was done.  I am also convinced there is any easier way to get this look than the way this block was done.  If I didn’t have such a terrible experience doing it, I would probably figure out the easier way.  Instead, I just plan to have this be the one and only time I ever do this block.  
March 2013 Lucky Stars BoM
I am also doing other blocks for the sampler as I see ones that I like.  This is the January 2013 Aurifil BoM.  
Aurifil January 2013 BoM
I think this one puts me at 11 total… I did the math, and I think I need 36 with the sashing I want to get it the size I want.  Almost 1/3 of the way done!

Winter 2014 4×5 Modern Quilt Bee

I finished up the winter round of the 4×5 modern bee, with wonderful results!  I also have the final version of all of the blocks I made complete.
First up, the blocks I received.  I was in Hive 4, and I think everyone really did a good job making some awesome blocks!
The blocks I sent are below.  I used the January 2013 Lucky Stars BOM pattern from Don’t Call Me Betsy.
Winter 2014 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee Hive 4

I’m linking up to the 30/30 Challenge, even though it’s kind of a stretch.  I have been sewing, but between a terrible virus working its way through my household and a few dark and dreary days I have no pictures to show for it.  Hopefully it will get nicer this week, and I can show my real progress.

1. COMPLETE: Two blocks for my “Real World Red & White” Sampler.  

2. A shirt for me.  I’ve been wanting to make my own clothes for awhile, so why not start?

3. Get ready for spring!  I need at least one pair of shorts for my daughter, preferable more.

4. COMPLETE: Acknowledge that spring is not here yet, therefore make a couple pairs of pants for my daughter. 

5. Complete the March Stash Bee block – that’s not a real goal, more of a must finish, but I think it still counts (and makes this list a little less clothing heavy).

Berry Barn Designs

Winter 2014 4×5 Modern Quilt Bee & Fresh Sewing Day

I decided to sign up for the Winter 2014 4×5 Modern Quilt Bee this round.  I chose the January 2013 paper pieced block from the 2013 Lucky Stars BOM.  This is also what I spent most of February doing, thus most of my entry to Fresh Sewing Day!

Winter 2014 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee Hive 4

My color scheme is red and tan, with some brown.  It’s adjusted some as I make more blocks for this sampler quilt.  I decided it’s best described as a real life red and white quilt.  I love red and white quilts, but it’s just not realistic for everyday use with a daughter and a dog.  So, by adding tan and brown, I think it’s more realistic for everyday use in my life.

Winter 2014 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee Hive 4

Philippa asked for aqua/teal, pink/purple, grey and a touch of mustard with a white/grey/black low volume background.

Winter 2014 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee Hive 4

Kendra asked for any shade of blue with a white background.

Winter 2014 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee Hive 4

Maureen asked for blues and greens, “ocean” colors, with a white background.

Winter 2014 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee Hive 4

Jodi asked for rainbow blocks with any kind of a neutral text print background.

Winter 2014 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee Hive 4

Jennifer asked for pink, yellow, grey with a white, light grey, or low volume background.

Winter 2014 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee Hive 4

Also, in case you were wondering what the papers from 5 paper pieced blocks looks like, see below!

Paper backings from 5 paper pieced blocks

I also made another block for my “Real World Red & White” quilt sampler.  This one is the February 2013 block from the Lucky Stars BOM club.  I’m caught up – just a year later than planned 🙂  I’m enjoying where this quilt is headed though.  I still hope to finish 2-3 blocks a month to keep on track to finish this by the fall.

February 2013 Lucky Stars BOM

Since my contribution to this bee is finished, I’m linking up to Finish it up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts and TGIFF.   It also counts as my WiP Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced for the week, Anything Goes Monday, Paper Piecing Party @ Quiet Play, and Let’s Bee Social Wednesday @ SewFreshQuilts.

Fresh Sewing Day – January Summary

January flew by!  I can’t believe it’s already time to do a summary for Fresh Sewing Day and the Small Blog Meet.  For those coming from the Small Blog Meet, I am a quilter that loves to piece and quilt, and sew clothes for my 1 year old daughter.  Welcome, and please check out the other projects on my blog.

I joined two bees so far this year.  I’m really enjoying it so far.  It’s a lot of fun to do colors and blocks that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

For the Stash Bee, I made this red and yellow block for Heather from Quilts in the Queue.

That Stash Bee Hive #12 January Bee

I made my test block for the 4×5 Modern Bee.

4x5 modern bee hive #4 test block

I also participated in Kids Clothes Week.  Part 1 of my week can be found here.  The pants were really the highlight of the week.  I finished up the week by turning the Oliver and S Hopscotch Knit top into a onesie.  The completed outfit is shown below.

She kept pulling on the neck, I think because it is much stretchier than the onesies she normally wears.

O+S Hopscotch knit onesie and Sandbox Pants
It’s such a soft knit, I kind of wish it was for me.  However, I only had 1/2 a yard, so I managed to get a 12-18 month onesie and thought I was doing good.
O+S Hopscotch knit onesie and Sandbox Pants
The linen pants are a little big despite being 12-18 months, but I’m ok with that because I love them and hopefully they will still fit this fall.
O+S Hopscotch knit onesie and Sandbox Pants
And now, she shows off the whole outfit 🙂
O+S Hopscotch knit onesie and Sandbox Pants
Thanks for checking out my blog, and I hope you stick around and see what else I have here!