E&E Bubble Pocket Shorts

In preparation for warmer weather, it was high time to make some shorts for my 1 year old daughter.  I needed a quick finish, so I actually made the exact same shorts I made her last summer – the Elegance and Elephants (E&E) Bubble Pocket Shorts.  I also made them in chambray last summer.

This summer I sized up and made the 18M/2T size, and they are a little big on my little girl.  Width wise, they are fine (need to tighten up the elastic a little), but they are loooong!  And she is tall, so that tells you how long they are.  It’s hard because the sizing choices are 6/12 month or 18 month/2T.  I think there really needs to be another size in there for the little ones.  One the plus side, they should fit for this entire summer, and possibly next summer.

E&E Bubble Pocket Shorts

This summer I had the advantage of constructing these shorts with my serger, and they took much less time!  Last summer, I didn’t have a serger yet so I had to finish every seam and it took forever.  On the plus side, I think finishing the seams that way created a slightly nicer finished garment, but not so much nicer that I would do it instead of the serger.  

The fabric was purchased from JoAnns last summer.  It has the texture of a seersucker, but isn’t quite.

If I make another pair of these, I am going to attach the bottom binding the pre-serger way.  I prefer the look of attaching the bottom as binding and enclosing that bottom seam.  It also shortens the shorts a little bit that would have helped with fit.  I also think it made the bottom hem lay a little bit neater.  I would pull out the pair from last summer to demonstrate, but they are deep in the attic land of too-small clothes.  

In the picture below, they are riding up a little bit so you don’t see just how long they are.  Her hat is my favorite Little Betty Bonnet.  I made the 12-24 month size as the directions call for.  This is at least my 6th version of this pattern, so it’s a winner!  I love a little girl in a bonnet, and this is her spring one.

Bubble Pocket Shorts & Little Betty Bonnet

The mortar in the background is from the Castillo del San Marcos National Monument in St. Augustine.  A quick spring break trip to see Great Grandma (or Nonna-Nonna as we call her) was what necessitated the summer clothes while it was still chilly here in North Carolina.  The preview of spring/summer weather was amazing!  Although I can’t complain too much because I think we may finally have spring here to stay with warmer weather and blooming flowers.  Even if it was 20 degrees this morning (it’s supposed to be back in the 70’s this weekend – sorry north!)

Update for the 30/30 challenge:

1. COMPLETE: Two blocks for my “Real World Red & White” Sampler.  

2. A shirt for me.  I’ve been wanting to make my own clothes for awhile, so why not start?

3. COMPLETE: Get ready for spring!  I need at least one pair of shorts for my daughter, preferable more.

4. COMPLETE: Acknowledge that spring is not here yet, therefore make a couple pairs of pants for my daughter. 

5. Complete the March Stash Bee block – that’s not a real goal, more of a must finish, but I think it still counts (and makes this list a little less clothing heavy). – working on it!

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  1. They are super-adorable. That’s weird about the sizing though – definitely seems like there should be an in-between. I love the bonnet too. My girls are past bonnet-wearing age, sadly, and I never took advantage of it when I had the chance. What shirt are you making?

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