May 2015 Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day


Welcome from Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

May 2015 SMS Giveaway Day

If you are new to my blog, I’m Heather.  I’m a mom to a busy 2-year old and quilt obsessed!

Square Dance Quilt

I am a longarm quilter, and I also design patterns.  My Squared Away Placemat Pattern was in the May issue of Make Modern Magazine.

Make Modern Project cover page

When I’m not quilting, I also sew clothes for my daughter and myself.

QA Creations 2014 Oliver and SToday, my giveaway is my newly released pattern: Square Dance. It is a paper pieced pattern with three different block sizes (6″, 8″ and 10″) and instructions to make quilts from crib/lap to King sized. I also include a detailed photographic tutorial on how to paper piece.

This pattern is available on Craftsy here!  It is on sale for $7 through Mother’s Day (May 10, 2015).

Square Dance pattern Cover

Today you get several chances to win this pattern!

  1. My birthday is coming up, and I need ideas because my family is asking what I want!  What would be your perfect birthday present?  It doesn’t have to be sewing related, but preferably somewhat realistic…
  2. Follow my blog!  If you already follow my blog, please leave a comment saying that.
  3. Like me on Facebook (leave your Facebook name).

If you would like to see my work in progress, you can also follow me on Instagram – I’m QACreations.

Post your comments by Sunday, May 10th and I will determine who wins by the magic of the Random Number Generator on Monday.  If you have already purchased this pattern, I will refund the purchase price and send you a copy of my next pattern for free!

Good luck!

– Heather


128 Replies to “May 2015 Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day”

  1. Birthday present? oh hard to say! I will be 50 in summer and loved ones are asking me this question too. But the only thing which really,really matters to me is time spent together. So perhaps a surprise outening, a brunch at a wonderful place, going for a hike together ,….lol!

  2. as for bday presents
    I also go for jewelry — something classic that you will come back to and wear again or a little trendy that your daughter will wear at 21— a great pair of earring or a small necklace that fills in the collar of a shirt

  3. Beautiful pattern, Heather! I want an extension table for my sewing machine for my birthday, but since you have a longarm you probably don’t need that 😉 I always want fabric, and batting, and thread so I’m ready to make something new when the urge hits (even if the LQS isn’t open).

  4. Happy Birthday! My birthday was last wknd and still have no clue what I want, so my family is keeping the money they usually spend on me until I find something that I really want and won’t buy for myself.

  5. For special occasions where gifts are involved, I tell my kids and family to purchase a quilt kit that I wouldn’t normally splurge on. On the non quilting front, I would request a date with my three teenage sons.

  6. Your pattern is gorgeous and I would be so happy to win it as I love paper-piecing. As for the birthday present, how about everyone just pampers you for a whole day and you don’t have to do any housework or washing or cooking or anything? Or a nice meal in a restaurant of your choice 🙂 or, they could take you to your favourite quilt shop haha!

  7. I LOVE your new pattern! For my birthday, I would always be happy to get a gift certificate for fabric or other quilting supplies. But wouldn’t a Nespresso espresso/cappuccino machine be fun?!

  8. Birthday present? Mine is coming up too. I like working in my garden and would love anything that has to do with gardening–another windchime since mine is in pieces, one of those new solar lanterns to hang, a garden bench/chair…

  9. I’m terrible at asking for things as well. I’d really like a subscription to Love Patchwork and Quilting. It’s a little too much for me to justify, but as a gift, would be really fun.

  10. Honestly, a gift card to a craft or fabric store. I rarely spend money on things that I just want and that would be a guilt free way to do it.

  11. I’m new to the sewing world, and mostly focus on clothing for my 2yo daughter. But I know that as soon as I start quilting that I’m going to love it too. i’m pretty particular about what quilt patterns I like – and I like yours! For my birthday this summer I’m going to ask for a quilting ruler, rotary cutter and mat – I don’t even have those in my sewing supplies yet!!

  12. A day at a State Park with the family, no phones, gizmos, just family and Nature. I always loved it. Or a beach somewhere.

  13. Look up Metal Earth on Amazon, they have a great selection of them. I just discovered these a few months ago. Not sure home much of a challenge you enjoy. I have always like my projects difficult. These are pretty easy (for me) except that they can be fiddly from small pieces.
    They come in star wars and star trek, along with other themes.

  14. I update an Amazon wish list all year long, so I am prepared for these types of questions! 😀 I want one of those Bluetooth Mini Speaker cubes for my sewing room. The sound is nicer than my phone’s speakers.

  15. Perfect birthday gift for me would be a box of 12 french macarons of salt caramel flavour. They are about £2 each soa box of 12 is an affordable gift at £24.

  16. I love gift cards to my favorite shops . . . quilt stores I love, craft stores, Amazon. I also love to give gift cards because I know the recipient can really get something they’ll love.

  17. I have a birthday coming up too and I asked for a weekend in a warmer climate to just relax.

  18. Lovely pattern! For my birthday I would love a pair of prescription sunglasses and a pretty scarf 🙂

  19. this is a beautiful quilt. wow. your little one is sooo adorable, such a cutie pie.
    our kiddos are grown and gone so now I like to go out for dinner and see a movie of my choice with my husband

  20. What I love to ask for is a day out, either with my husband and children, or just my husband. We’ve done it for years, and gone to the ballet, concerts, the theatre, museums, picnics in the park, out to eat at fancy restraunts, even spent the evening reading books at Barnes and Noble. It didn’t have to be expensive, but I got to pick what I wanted to do for the day, and I look forward to it every year.

    1. That would be fb (as in Facebook) I’m not saying my name is fabulous-well I do like it, but I wouldn’t say that all bragging like! 🙂

  21. Fabric is always good, or something not sewing related would be babysitting for a night out-either for a date with the hubby or a girls night out!

  22. Love your pattern. My best birthday gift would be time to quilt and having supper made for me and someone else do the cleanup so I can go quilt again. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  23. I always find the what do you want for your birthday/Christmas/mothers day question really hard. I am always torn between things that are practical and things that will end up being sewn into things for others (I rarely sew for myself).
    Is there a special quilting ruler you have been eyeing off? I got myself some for my last birthday.

  24. A new sewing machine? A new surger? I went for the big ones 🙂 If not- a gift card for fabrics is a great present (you cannot have enough fabrics, ever :))

  25. I always ask for mani/pedi certificates. Getting my nails done is always so relaxing and afterwards I always feel silly and fancy.

  26. Fabric, fabric and more fabric…yeah i like fabric. But also it is really nice to get fun baskets and containers to hold fabric

  27. A whole day to myself to sew, read, and watch TV would be an ideal present in my book! Or an Amazon gift card!

  28. My husband is my best source of good presents. He has signed me up to fabric clubs and bought me sewing books and a silver thimble. A fabric store gift voucher is always a good gift for a sewer! I always love good PJs too.
    You are giving away my favourite pattern! Fingers crossed!

  29. For my birthday, I would just love to have the day to myself to do whatever I want whether its napping, sewing, reading a book, etc.

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  30. Hi – My birthday just passed and since I have fabric coming out of the woodwork, I asked for thread. Even my son, who is in college, can afford thread, and you can never have enough.

  31. Hi – I’m now following your blog. You patterns are really pretty. Congratulations on releasing another and for having your placemats published.

  32. I love DVD/Blueray editions of TV shows I can play in the background while I sew or am home alone. I’ve accumulated quite a collection and never tire of them because I always see/hear something new since I’m only half paying attention anyway.

  33. Happy birthday! I would like a new sewing machine, but I’d settle for lots of new fabric.

  34. This year the S.O. and I have each gotten the other a crafting class of one sort or the other (the S.O. wanted a Craftsy class; I picked an in-person class). I liked it because it’s always nice to learn something new and I accumulate too much stuff already!

  35. Well, considering I just got a prybar set, voltage tester and flooring scraper for mother’s day (I’m not joking)…I’m gonna say – a long arm. Honest. And my basement to be finally finished so I don’t have to accept power tools and man gadgets as gifts, lol!

  36. Thanks for a great giveaway! My birthday is also coming up soon and I’m asking for a camping trip 🙂 I love camping at the beach so I’m hoping to spend a few days there soon… That and fuzzy socks.

  37. A perfect present would be a tote bag filled with quilting supplies and a trip to the Houston Quilt Festival or the Paducah Quilt Festival!

  38. One idea is to suggest a gift certificate for a facial. Have you ever had one? It is luxurious and so relaxing. I had one with the added mani/pedi one year and I still reminisce over it! p.s I love that quilt!

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