Welcome to QA Creations!

Welcome to QA Creations!

QA Creations Announcement

The first piece of news is that I have changed my blog name.

A lifetime ago, I chose Bobbins and Bullets.  It made sense at the time.  I was in the Army, deployed to Afghanistan.  My husband was deployed to Iraq.  I was sewing for sanity, and wanted a blog to maintain a link (no matter how small) to the “real world”.

The blog was just something I had – mostly for me to document what I was doing so I wouldn’t forget what I made.  I barely posted once a month.  Once I redeployed and got home, I got a puppy, was busy at work, and continued to not post very regularly.

Fast forward a couple years, and I was getting out of the Army to stay at home with my new daughter.  Once again, I was sewing to keep my sanity, and I discovered that I needed the online sewing world as my link to the “real world” as a new stay at home mother even more than I had needed it back when I was thousands of miles away from home.

Now, I have an active, determined, amazing (almost) 16 month old daughter.  I’m starting to take quilts from others to finish on my long arm.  I want to continue sharing my patterns and tutorials.  I’m having a lot of fun with bees and swaps.  I’m ready to be a contributing member of this community instead of just a lurker.

But, I’m convinced my name was holding me back.  Some people were taken aback, some people left comments that led me to believe they thought I was some kind of gun nut.  Most people never read the explanation, or noticed that the sewing machine in my logo was Army ACU colored.

I don’t want to scare people anymore.  I want a name that reflects my current life, not what I used to do.

QA Creations will be my creative blog.  The QA comes from Quilts Actually – which is my long arm and pattern blog and business.

I will continue to post about sewing and quilting.  I still love both traditional and modern quilts, and probably fall into the modern traditional camp for most of my own work.  I still love to make clothes for my daughter.  I’m starting to make clothes for me, and trying to get over the body issues involved with posting pictures of myself on here.  I’m also starting to make bags and expand what I sew.

I hope you enjoy the new QA Creations, and stick around to see what happens!

As an admin note, when I transferred the blog, a lot of my old pictures got messed up.  I will be slowly updating all the pictures on my old posts, so please have patience with me.  If there is a post you are interested in seeing, let me know and I’ll put that post higher in the queue for finishing up.

Finally, so this post isn’t entirely picture less, below are the blocks I worked on in May.  It was a big piecing month.  I’ve got the bug to make some clothes for me, so we’ll see how much of that I get done in June.

June Fresh Sewing Day


Thanks for reading!



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  1. Thanks for sharing. I had come across your blog before and must admit I never particularly noticed the bullets thing. Moving around blogland there are some amazing names out there…reading your story though, this makes a lot of sense. Good luck with the ‘new’ blog. I will follow via Bloglovin

    1. Thanks! I’m glad to get the whole name thing out of the way. Some people never noticed – like you, and others thought it was weird. My new name isn’t as clever, but hopefully it doesn’t put anyone off either.

  2. good luck with the changes to your blog! just so you know, I understood your previous name & didn’t think you were a nut at all. actually, I thought it was a very creative and interesting blog name 🙂

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