Star Fruit Paper Piecing Pattern

I had the opportunity to test a fun block for Diane of From Blank Pages.  It is her brand new Star Fruit paper piecing pattern, and it comes in 6 inch, 12 inch, and 18 inch sizes.  I chose to make a 12 inch finished block.
Star Fruit

This pattern is not one to pick for your first time paper piecing, but it is a very do-able block for someone with a reasonable amount of paper piecing experience.  It makes a really cool secondary design that I chose to deemphasize in the tan area, but it just depends what you want to do with it.
I decided to play around a little bit with Photoshop and see what an entire quilt made from this block would look like.
First up is the standard, non-sashed quilt.  It makes some really nice secondary designs, and I think I would actually have an easier time deciding how to quilt an entire quilt of this block than I will when this is part of a sampler.

Star Fruit Quilt

I really, really like this block set on point!  My husband saw this picture, and I think he wants an entire quilt made just like this.  This quilt isn’t going to happen anytime soon, but I agree that it would be beautiful.

Star Fruit set on point

Lastly, we have how this block will actually be used – as part of my Real World Red and White Sampler.  I’m up to 15 blocks!  Exciting, because my goal is for this to be a queen (long ways off).

Real World Red & White as of 28APR14

This block is available on Craftsy or Etsy.  Or you can leave a comment right here for a chance to win a copy!  I will leave comments open through May 5th, and announce the winner on May 6th.
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  1. This block is great, and your sampler quilt looks amazing! You do a great job picking colors and fabric. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. I’m a sucker for paper piecing blocks.

  2. The secondary design is incredible, I am not a fan of black and red but I like my paper piecing busy if I am doing a larger item like a quilt. I have been practicing over the last few years and getting better with it. Dontcallmebetsy got me hooked on stars, because I really hate trying to rush a point and this really helps out. I have been a very busy grandma, plus 2 weddings, one wedding quilt is star PP blocks and this would add a great new block to that set. thank you

  3. This new block looks great in your sampler quilt. I look forward to seeing your finished quilt.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to try stitching Diane’s block.

  4. I have very little piecing experience, but would certainly try this one on. wow! I love your fabric choices, especially how you downplayed the secondary pattern with the tan. I like your mock-ups for an entire quilt but think it’s going to look great in your stunning red-and-white queen, too. great work!

  5. Ok! I really really like this block and I am not normally a red person but love you colors! Would love for a chance to create something with this block!!!!

  6. This is a great block and I love your layout with it set on point. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern. I like the looks of your sampler quilt, it’s going to be really pretty in red and white.

  7. Glad to see your latest addition to the Red and White sampler, Heather. What a fabulous design. Your fabrics really rock that block! And it is great to see your examples of how it would look in a quilt design. Love the on point!!!

  8. Yup I’m voting on point with that one, maybe there’s an interesting 2nd block you could introduce to break up that empty space created with the first example you Photoshopped. It’s going to look lovely either way. I’m off to download that block those. I have some paper piecing experience and it’s just so pretty!

  9. the block is very pretty and set on point — incredible
    I am ashamed to say I have tried paper piecing. I took my first class, ever , this week and my new friends have encourage me to try ( since I have been quilting intermittently for 20+ years, may they are correct) blocks like this make me at least want to try!

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