Definition:  To persist in or remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles or discouragement
Synonyms: Persist, Continue, Keep at it, Keep on, Carry on, Keep trying, Stick with
Antonym: Give up
I was inspired by the “Word Up” effort going around.  Trying to define my year with one word was initially difficult.  I liked the idea of striving toward an idea as opposed to a long list of unattainable resolutions that get broken by mid-January.  Liking the concept did not make choosing the goal any easier, however. 
At first I was leaning toward something like “believe” or “faith”, but they were narrower than what I was trying to accomplish.  Faith and belief are definitely part of what I am aiming for with ‘persevere”, but they were not the sole ends I was aiming for.  It is a long, tiring year ahead of me and I think persevere defines what I am trying to accomplish exactly. 
I am trying to work 7 days a week for the next six months.  I am trying to endure not seeing my husband for the next year.  I am trying to not let myself get lost in my work.  I am trying to remember that I exist as a person and that I am more than my job.  I am trying to remember that I am working in a stressful situation, and that is why some of the people I work with act the way they do.  I am trying to go to church every week.  I am trying to be grateful.  I am trying to keep sewing.  I am trying to finish my photo book from last summer.  I am trying to work out and get enough sleep, even though one is usually at the expense of the other.  I am also trying to think of something other than my vacation in April, even though it’s all I dream of.  I am trying to live as regular of a life as I can despite being in Afghanistan.  Quilting and my sweat suit help with this.  I am trying to create moments of peace so that I can refresh my soul, even though my body is continuously exhausted and my spirit gets tired sometimes.  But, in this case, it’s all about trying.  And that is what I am going to keep doing, every day, every minute, until this year ends and my regular life can start again. 
In the meantime, I am trying to find joy in what I do and make the best of the circumstances.  Thus, why I made a Christmas tree from a sheet and Eddie Bauer Christmas catalog and hung it above my desk at work.  Merry Christmas J

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