December 2015 Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day


Welcome from Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

Dec 2015 SMS Giveaway Day

If you’ve never visited before, I’m Heather.  I’m a longarm quilter and pattern designer living in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Mm Issue 8 Cover

Even if you haven’t stopped by, you may have seen my work.  My Forging Steel Quilt was in/on Issue 8 of Make Modern Magazine.

Square Dance pattern Cover

Today, I am giving away a copy of the Square Dance Quilt Pattern.  This pattern is also available on Craftsy, and if you already own a copy, I will give you copies of my next 2 patterns that will be coming out shortly after the new year!

This pattern can be made very intricately and custom quilted like I show above, or you can make a sweet baby quilt with an all-over design and it will still look great!  This pattern is so versatile, I wish I had time to make one in red and green before Christmas… maybe you can win and make it!

Baby Square Dance Front

If you would like to win, please do one or more of the following:

  • I need a quick gift for a new friend who crochets – I don’t crochet, so I don’t know what would be useful for her.  Please leave a comment with ideas!
  • Follow my blog using bloglovin’ and leave your account name
  • Follow me on Facebook – Quilts Actually – and leave the name you use there
  • Follow me on Instagram – @QACreations – and leave your instagram name

At the conclusion of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway period, I will use the magic number generator to choose a winner.  Good luck!

105 Replies to “December 2015 Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day”

  1. Hi there! Thanks for the giveaway.

    If you want to make something for your friend, box pouches are very useful for any yarn crafter.

    If you’d like to buy her something, yarn bowls ( are great. As a knitter, one of my favorite gifts I have ever received is upcycled knitting needle earrings from Sassafrass Creations on etsy. She seems to not be selling right now, but these crochet needle earrings are similar (

    I also follow you on instagram now! 🙂

  2. I don’t crochet either, but I would suspect that like any quilter she would love to add to her stash. You can go to a local yarn shop and ask the clerk what goodies you should get for her. Or, sew her a crochet hook case or yarn bag…
    rtgandy at gmail

  3. I used to crochet…but if you don’t, how about getting her some supplies? A tote of some kind to hold her crochet needles or yarn…pattern book…GC for some yarn of her choice. Good luck!
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  4. I would imagine your crocheting friend would love some exquisite yarn! As a sewist, I’d appreciate someone giving me exquisite fabric! 2 yards would be sufficient for me, so maybe 2 skeins for your friend. Tuck in a gift card for a meal to share with you to celebrate her birthday.

  5. Gift for one who crochets??? What about a pair of crafters comfort gloves? I think they are good for achy hands, like someone who uses them alot! Like a repetitive crocheter.

  6. I’m sorry, I don’t crochet either! But I would guess that anyone who does a portable craft like crochet or knitting would probably like a nice pouch or cute tote bag to carry it around in.

  7. As an ex-crocheter, I would say either fibre, or a voucher to a store, or a crochet hook with a fancy handle. Etsy? Thanks for the giveaway. Tarnia.hodges at

  8. A cute little crochet hook roll, a tote, a little zipper pouch for scissors, etc., or a yarn keeper (basically a little bag that can be gathered on top that will fit yarn and allow the strand to come undone from the roll without the skien going everywhere) are all things you could make yourself. Unless you know her tastes and what she likes to crochet (fuzzy organic wool sweaters? acrylic afghans? cotton lacework?) I wouldn’t buy yarn, but a gift certificate would be wonderful.

  9. Crocheters like to carry their work with them. A pretty quilted bag would be a nice gift for carrying her projects. I follow you through email.

  10. Hello, your friend may like a case to hold her crochet hooks, or an ergonomic handled hook, or find out what her favorite kind of yarn is and get a couple of skeins. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. My sister is an avid crocheter and she loves those looms, the long rectangular ones and the circle ones. She makes hats and scarves. She also wants the 60″ S Afghan loom. She loves yarn, the nubby textured ones, the fringy ones, the ombre ones, the really soft ones. She loves yarn. LOL

  12. Maybe a case for her crochet hooks? You could probably sew one, just like one for colored pencils, but for crochet hooKS instead. Or a boom of crochet patterns.

  13. A kit you put together yourself. Crochet hooks with comfort grips, yarn and a pattern booklet with something like hats, cowls or scarves in it. Then add nail polish and hand cream. Package it in a fabric bag she can use for storage.


  14. A roll for hooks are always good ideas, also I’ve had luck with hand compression gloves (for all crafts, but crocheting takes a particular toll on the dominant hand! great idea, by the way, to get ideas for gifts 🙂

  15. I have made a hook roll for a friend before who crochets a lot. I don’t crochet much myself, every time I do I have to look up how to do the stitches lol. You could also make her a yarn basket. Maybe sewn, like the ones you make with rope, they’re quite popular at the moment. And if she does crochet a lot, she most likely will havetons of yarn that she needs storage for 😉

  16. I like having a pencil case to hold my hooks. Also a yarn/project tote with pockets for hooks, stitch counters, and her tablet/book/pattern, so she can take UFO’s on the go.

  17. I don’t crochet but, my grandma did. So, I would say a quilted fabric case for crochet hooks and some really nice, not greasy hand cream— even with really good yarn touching all that fiber made her hands less then smooth.

  18. I love my case for my hooks. I couldn’t survive multiple projects without a central location for them all =) Also, cute row markers or fancy yarns make great gifts. Thanks for participating!

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